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Finding Time To Do It All

Is It Possible?

Do you ever have that feeling that you’re going to burst if you take on one more task?Do you find yourself juggling your work and personal life?
Do the holidays overwhelm you?

Just thinking of the answers to these questions can make some of us a little anxious. The thought of doing one more thing in the day or week or month can set our minds on overdrive. We all feel this way from time to time.

We joke about cloning ourselves or hiring a personal assistant for home and work. Well, we don’t have to make comedy of it any longer. Now there’s a business that can help with the overload, the planning, the preparation, and the organization. It’s called Task Masters. Recently, I met with the president, Janet Casey, to learn about the organization and the services that they provide.

Janet Casey, who’s the mother of a three-year old son, was a busy executive in sales and advertising. She remembers well the feeling of being overwhelmed, trying to do it all. She said that her life and work were blurred. The two became meshed. That’s when she decided it was time to make a change and get into the business of helping others.

With two years of success, Casey is excited about her business and the people she employs. She has a fully licensed and bonded team of planning professionals who are committed to providing the highest standards of personalized service and attention to detail. Their task is to help manage the burdens and responsibilities of individuals, small businesses and organizations. They will help with the little tasks and the big ones too, including daily chores, such as laundry delivery and pick up, grocery shopping, shoe repairs, photo copies, binding reports, answering phone calls, organizing an office (home and business).

If selecting, preparing and mailing holiday cards makes you crazy, then Task Masters is here to help. They also assist with holiday decorations: selecting and decorating trees for Christmas, as well as the cumbersome task of removal and repacking. If buying, wrapping and delivering gifts are on your list of least desirable, Task Master can also help, as well as creating and delivering client gift baskets.

And if you need someone to help manage an event, Task Masters is ready for the job. They help plan and coordinate anniversary celebrations; weddings; luncheons for charities; home and business dinners; and business meetings, including seminars and tradeshows.

"Really smart and successful people know you can’t do it all,” offered Casey, who added, "You give us your tasks and we will get them completed, efficiently and professionally.”

Casey, a Mission Hills resident and UCSD graduate, who’s lived in the Bay Area and New England, says that one of the things she enjoys most about her job is demonstrating to clients how easy it is to delegate a job or task. Happy customers who benefit from the business are what she strives for.

As the holidays approach, Casey reminds me that a great gift for someone special might be a Task Master gift certificate. A little R&R for a friend, business associate or loved one could be the perfect stocking stuffer.

To learn more about Task Masters and the different service levels: silver, gold and platinum, call (619) 316-0574 or visit www.sdtaskmasters.com. Is it time to free yourself?


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